Kasipul Constituency

About Kasipul Constituency

Kasipul is one of the 8 constituencies in Homa-Bay County. Kasipul constituency was established in the 2010 constituency. Kasipul constituency has five wards namey: East Kamagak, West Kamagak, South Kasipul, West Kasipul and Central Kasipul. 

Oyugis is the latest toen in Kasipul and the second largest in Homa-bay county with a population of 52,000.

Kasipul people rely on subsistence farming. Kasipul is home to important academic institutions such as Agoro Sare High School and Oyugis Craft Training Centre. Kasipul also hosts two very old primary schools in Kenya namely, Wire Primary School and DOL-Kodera Primary School established in 1912 and 1927 respectively.