Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana


Our manifesto maintains that education is an invaluable tool in the fight against poverty. We shall work to ensure there is equality in the access to quality education for every learner. To realise this, our plan is to set up an e-library and an academic resource centre where every learner will be able to access the required learning resources. Exchange programs will be set up to ensure students gain exposure and widen their vision. Moreover, we aim to work towards ensuring internet access to as many individuals as possible within the constituency. Developing modern learning institutions will also be at the core of our agenda.

Women and Youth Empowerment

Women and youth are endowed with the greatest resources for developing any community. The future of our constituency lies in the capacity to empower both women and youth. Our aim is to exploit the key industries driven by women and youth by ensuring that needed opportunities are created. We will embolden the policies which seek to increase women and youth participation in decision-making. These will be reviewed and revised. We will ensure that women and youth are mentored and coached to propel them towards their self-defined goals. Our focus will be the vulnerable women, youth, and would-be students, who for whatever reasons are out of school.


A decent home should represent pride to the individual and to the community at large. It ought to be a place of comfort, stability, and safety. We give our undertaking to work together for this to happen. Our plan seeks to roll out a massive low-cost housing program to ensure that by the end of the first five-year term, every individual within the community will have had a decent home. The proposed houses will be innovative and modern. The design will also incorporate all needed social amenities, including ablution facilities, piped water supply, electricity, and proper access.

Farming and Agriculture

Agriculture remains the primary driving force for economic growth and is equally the largest source of employment for the community members. We aim to ensure that farmers are equipped with training on modern and relevant agricultural practices. Through science, we will be able to assess land viability and offer solutions that are based on science. We will further conduct suitability analysis to ensure informed agricultural practices.  We shall explore foreign markets in addition to the local market.  The purpose of this is to ensure that farmers gain access to foreign markets. We aim to specifically promote poultry farming, beekeeping, fish farming, and aquaculture.

Health, Sports, and Culture

Sporting activities have direct and indirect impact on an individual’s fitness, health, and productivity.  Our manifesto has plans to promote a sporting culture within the constituency. This will be done by investing in sports facilities and training, which will promote a healthy lifestyle. We shall work together with local sports clubs and institutions to come up with strategies of identifying talent. We shall further ensure that talented young boys and girls get special training and exposure in order to improve their talent, and further access several other opportunities. We shall work tirelessly to coordinate and organise massive outdoor activities which will help improve both the mental and physical health of the community members. These activities will include but not limited to group cycling, swimming, hiking, and running. We shall also incorporate working programs centred at addressing the current mental health situation within the constituency.

Environment and Recreational Facilities

When developing our communities, we must not only think of ourselves but equally those that came before us, and those that will come after us as well. We must consider the effort and sacrifices that those who came before us made in order that we might have what we currently have. We also need to consider the welfare of the future community. We desire to leave behind an environment with resources sufficient enough to sustain our children and children’s children. We must, therefore, take care of our environment, institutions, and resources. We will ensure that this is achieved through mobilising and encouraging community members to participate in reforestation, agroforestry, and social forestry through targeted programs. We will also ensure proper and innovative garbage disposal and waste management practices. Finally, we plan to develop recreational parks – public spaces where community members can relax and have fun.


More than ever before, leaders are needed within our community.  Leaders of integrity, who are vibrant changemakers, prepared to learn, engage, accelerate every desired change, and disrupt regressive culture. We plan to champion community-based leadership programs that will build skills and support the development of emerging leaders.