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Our campaign involves grassroots mobilization by and for the people. It does not matter where you are. Whether or not you live in Kasipul. Whether or not you are a voter in Kasipul. Regardless of your political party. Urgent times calls for swift collaboration. Your participation in the movement is needed.

Community Mobilizing . Calling and Texting . Resource Mobilization . Social Media Management

We believe that education is an invaluable tool for fighting poverty. We will work to ensure equality in access to education for all learners. To make this possible, we plan to set up an e-library and an academic resource center where all learners can access the required learning resources. Students exchange programs will be set up to ensure exposure, as well as widen students’ vision. To support education and learning, we aim to work towards ensuring internet access to as many individuals as possible within the constituency. Developing modern learning institutions will also be at the center of our agenda.