Member of Parliament Kasipul Constituency 2022

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By rethinking the people we elect to represent and lead us, we can make Kasipul a better place. I do not consider myself a career politician. I am an advocate for the environment, I am an advocate for mental health, I am a geographic information system consultant, and above all I am from Kasipul -born and raised. I do not owe the outside special interests anything. All I want is the best for our constituents. My goal is to get things done. 

Let us, fearlessly together, make Kasipul great and independent of retrogressive politics. 

More work, less politics.


  1. Education
  2. Women and Youth Empowerment
  3. Housing
  4. Health, Sports, and Culture
  5. Environment and Recreational Facilities
  6. Leadership

Kasipul Constituency